Monday, 21 March 2011

Characteristics of Excellent Students

Excellent student who always believed in the potential itself to be
book a success in education. This confidence will give you an injection
spirit in your own house. Say 'I CAN! "

 Do not be pessimistic
Excellent students that are not too pessimistic, hopeless, and always give
Way before the fight. Do not weak right on your own spirit.
Do not predict the defeat before the battle. If you do not
trying to defeat it is certainly true in the hand. Not tried do not know.

The focus of the heart

excellent students to describe the full attention to the lessons
while following the teacher in the classroom. Attitudes play while learning
is the attitude of the less successful students. Students who like to play
in class when the teacher is teaching students who will become
is played by the "learned" at some time later.
Even more unfortunate if one day they are not manipulated by the
educated as their own.


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